TowMyX for Business

TowMyX is ideal for businesses like Car Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Rental Car Companies, Banks, Tire Manufacturers and large corporate fleets.


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Whenever and wherever your clients are in roardside assistance need, TowMyX can help promptly and efficiently.TowMyX has one of the fastest working mechanisms for your business. TowMyX is GPS enabled and it auto assigns the nearest available assistance to the customers. One of the greatest benefits stipulated by TowMyX service is the immediate relief feeling of your customers when they need it the most on the road. TowMyX is GPS-enabled and has a real-time monitoring system.


Customers can track the progress of their designated roadside assistant. Customers will be provided with the exact time of arrival of the tow truck coming to assist them. We have the latest solutions for customers who are looking for a standalone application or for those who are trying to incorporate TowMyX in their existing applications.


TowMyX has latest and the best technology you have ever experienced!

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  • GPS enabled: We have a GPS enabled application, so we never ask for your location. We receive your location automatically through our GPS tracker!
  • No More Waiting In Queue: No need to call us. All you have to do is press a button on your smart phone, choose the type of the problem you have, and we will send our assistance to you! Simple! No queues, no waits, no time wasted!
  • Real Time Application: we keep you updated on the arrival of assistance in real-time; you can speak to the roadside assistance provider, and additionally view their distance from you!

TowMyX Flexible Service Plans

  • Pay as you go:TowMyX charges no setup, maintenance, or monthly fees. You will have to pay only for the services you use! .
  • Per Motor:: TowMyX has a flexible annual plan too; you can buy a low fee annual plan or you can choose the option to have all services in a one-time fee. plan and can have all services in one fee.
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